FILA x Titleist

Project Overview
Making golf your game, through a new beginners golf kit. We designed an experience for kids to get introduced to the game of golf at a fraction of the cost
My Role
Concepting, Product Innovation, Social, User Journey, UX/UI
Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop
Project Type
Group Project | 6 weeks
Golf suffers from “Country Club Syndrome”

The sport is perceived as an elitist hobby for affluent, middle aged white males. So it's not viewed as an accessible or exciting activity to a younger, more diverse generation. There are large entry barriers into golf that prevent kids from getting involved, ranging from the cost of golf clubs and driving ranges to introducing them to the sport itself.

Golfers tend to be introduced to the sport through their parents before the age of twelve, but there is a population of kids that are not being reached.
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What if kids in urban areas could be introduced to golf without their parents worrying about the costs or logistics?

Lose the negative narrative of “Country Club Syndrome” and put kids at the forefront. Keeping costs low and not letting physical location get in the way, they can have fun while also exploring a new meaning of golf. We're taking golf outside of the course and into kids’ hands with a low cost beginners kit.

In recent years FILA has made a comeback in the homes of many, making it a trendy brand for some and nostalgic for others. Its youthful essence makes anyone want to join in on the fun. Titleist, a subsidiary of FILA, is renowned for its contribution towards the golf scene. Having the confidence that golf gear will last is key for any parent.
A New Golf Kit

Every kid should have the opportunity to be introduced to something new and make it theirs.

We designed a new golf kit that addresses the limitations of urban areas such as space all while keeping the costs low without giving up good quality.
Who This Serves
The Sports Fanatic
A ball of energy always seeking a new adventure

The Crafty Creative
The ultimate crafter looking to make a fashion statement

The Neighborhood Mom
A bargain shopping DIYer planning something new

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Product innovation
How it works
A common concern for parents when buying something for their child is how long it will take for their child to outgrow something. Golf clubs can be an investment, so finding a way to help that was important.

We're introducing a way to detach club heads from the shaft, easily. When a child outgrows the club, instead of buying an entire new one, a new shaft would be the only new purchase. All while keeping costs down.
Step 01
Press the button on the side
Step 02
Insert the shaft into the opening
Step 03
Slide the blue ferrule down
Step 04
Twist to lock
Touchpoint | Youtube ads
Considering the target audience is 7-12 year olds, meeting them where they already are is crucial. These fun and invigorating Youtube ads would capture their attention.
Touchpoint | Instagram campaign
Promoting an Instagram campaign in the form of a quiz makes them interact with the content and introduces them to the new FILA x Titleist golf kit.
Touchpoint | website
Here, parents and kids can explore the collection and learn more about the new golf kit.
Touchpoint | Quiz
Parents or their children can take a quiz to help guide them in choosing the right golf kit.
Touchpoint | Golf kit
A beginners golf kit identified through the quiz on the website or instagram story would help families know which kit is right for them.
Francine Townes-Jackson | AD
Hunter Mott | ST
Joe Brooks | CBM
Leon Brewington | CBM
Nebraska White | CW

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