I'm Charleen Martins Lopes. A Dutch born, Cape Verdean raised, Rhode Islander. I'm always looking for ways to channel my energy in fun and creative ways. You can find me either illustrating my heart away, laser engraving wooden bookmarks or helping my brother write a pitch for a J. Cole campaign.

I'm a strategic minded experience designer finding hidden truths that often get overlooked. Looking to fill in the holes with impactful storytelling.

my obsessions
French FriesI have to have them at least once a week to feel sane. It's bad I know, but my love for fries is real.
Chai LattesCoffee isn't a thing for me but when I tell you Chai latte's are where it's at!? I recently discovered the joy of a milk frother and my life is now forever changed.
Sneaker Fanatic
I LOVE sneakers. I've camped out for them, try my luck on the SNKRS app almost every day and have entered countless raffles. Not only do they pull a fit together and allow you to subtly stunt on em but they also tell a lot about a persons character.
my passions
StorytellingIn high school I discovered the art of spoken word and how you can connect with anyone through the powers of words. It didn't matter if I had a similar background to the audience, I could get across to them.
Getting to Know PeopleEven though I can be painfully shy sometimes, I love getting to know people. Knowing what spurs them, what makes them happy, why they are the way they are - it all just makes me happy inside to hear someone else's perspective on things.
Learning New Things‍At a young age I had to let go of something that was my sole identity - soccer. I had been concussed twice and the joy was no longer there. Making, what seemed like, the hardest decision in my life made me explore other options and things I might enjoy. Since then I have always tried to try something different and see what happens. That turned into me landing a role in two significant plays - Macduff in Macbeth and the lead role in a play my best friends wrote about the Rwandan Genocide.