32 Plus

Project Overview
Created a platform aimed at helping black and brown women navigate their BMI - a standard tool used in the health field that doesn't take black and brown women's bodies into consideration
My Role
Animation, Augmented Reality, Concepting, Persona, Strategy, UX/UI
After Effects, Illustrator, Figma, Photoshop, Spark AR
Project Type
Group Project | 4 weeks
The BMI gives Black women a warped view of their body image

Society puts a lot of value on a woman’s weight. Every inch and curve is critiqued while the media amplifies these negative perceptions. That coupled with a medical system clearly not created for Black people - it’s no wonder Black women don’t feel at home in their own bodies.
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Start conversations that shed light on these disparities and challenges the norm society is complacent with. 

Our goal is to provide a space where women can retreat to and be surrounded with compassion. Healthy bodies start with healthy relationships - and that’s what we’re aiming to fix.
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Launch a platform in the response to the unfair use of the BMI chart that police’s Black women’s bodies and create a space for women to relearn how to love their bodies.

32 Plus will be launched by Ethel’s Club - a black owned safe social and wellness platform created for people of color to feel included, considered, and not discriminated against.
01 | Ad Campagin (OOH)
02 | APP
Inclusive messaging and language with a guided short quiz to curate home screen content.
Keep track of how you're feeling and how your day is going. Join live Instagram TV workshops or prerecorded content.
Curated content based on different topics:boundaries, self love, affirmations, love, health, body image, and habits.
Finding a circle of women with similar experiences can be difficult. Take a short quiz to identify personal values and be presented with circles to join.
Join conversations with others about timely topics and bookmark interesting content to join at any point.
View past workshops and track all progress that's being made. Receive badges when milestones are completed.
03 | Product
A 32 Plus scale you can purchase for your home. Have the option to link to your 32 Plus app via bluetooth to track key measurements but also be reminded that you are not defined by the numbers.
03 | Hulu integration
Link your Hulu account to the 32 Plus app and be notified directly whenever a live discussion is happening.
04 | Black Gif Keyboard
Finding animated stickers and gifs for black people are hard. You can find it all in one place with the 32 Plus keyboard.
04 | AR Filter
Be reminded of your power and all things great with a daily inspiration instagram filter.
Robin Richardson | AD
Nikki Powel | CW *

*Was part of the first version of concepting. It has since been iterated upon.
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